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Did you know it’s not possible to have a negative thought with a positive thought at the same time. Common sense would be to change that negative thought into its opposite in which we can change our thought process. I’m sure it is easier said than done, but it will happen with patience,  repetition and eventually “habit”.

Today, life can be busy but we must remind ourselves how important it is to change our old way of thinking. Soon you will notice a chain of more positive energy flowing in your life. It’s also good to keep positive people , places and memories surrounding our lives. Simple changes from the subconscious can come back and feed us a negative thought or memory. By substituting those thoughts with new positive ones we can transform not only ourselves, but others…

In time you will see your life transform for the better even improving relationships. When we seek to change with true intention your world will present what you need to accomplish positivity . If you can take positive emotions and replace them you will begin to even think differently. You will be living lighter and be happier. So start today with the simple things you think about… maybe when you’re in traffic or daydreaming.  The more influx of positivity the less negativity can exist. There”s no room for both!

Now its up to you to fill the blanks in with positive action. Good luck on the journey to a happier life.

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Did you ever notice soon after the dust settles… After or sometimes close to the end of a life, “Chaos” and “Greed” step in to interrupt the usual mourning period. So many families suffer from the real pain and a loss, usually with some type of discontent. Whether the family is functional or dysfunctional it does’t seem to matter.

The ugly green eye arises in search of money, property. Things become the sole purpose of family and supposed loved ones. This can cause not just contention, but sometimes a breakdown of previous family values. This not only leads to quarrelsome arguments, fighting and many times the family ends up dismantled over someones possessions who’s passed on.

Sounds crazy? But, unfortunately true.

Everyday there are families torn apart by selfishness and greed. It’s a sad state of affairs at this point. What can be done?  In most cases,  proper legal documents in place can help and other times they are still challenged when human beings take it upon themselves to try to take or squander assets. In many occasions it can end up even tying court systems up in heated debate in which most cases the attorneys take a substantial amount of monies during the unreasonableness of accepting what is or I should say what was. The court can even overturn good intentions of a passed one into a different outset. Many people in these situations, instead of mourning,  will put their energy of entitlement into fighting for assets. This not only leads to separation of family members, but true hate and more anger. Families are torn apart because there is never a meeting of minds. This is truly a sad event.

I can personally tell you that having at least three main documents filled out is a starting point for your loved one. In a perfect world you can have a separate agreement that may help bind the paperwork together so there’s less contention. The first, is a power of attorney, than healthcare surrogate and lastly the will itself. It is always best to consult an attorney and if there is contention ask him for any other binding documents to untie any loopholes that may arise. Sometimes, just sibling rivalry can also cause issues so you may use someone trusted or even an attorney to be in control.

I hope this gives you some help should you ever have a devastating loss. Or if you’ve already faced such a sad affair, know your not alone unfortunately it can be a common occurrence. In the future be prepared and do your own homework. I hope this sheds light upon the complications of disasters that still can occur even when everyone seems to agree before hand.

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So many of us are turned off from voting and there are some that are quite the opposite. So how do we emphasize that our real voice is heard? One vote at a time and one election at a time…Doesn’t sound “promising? This election is CRUCIAL in so many ways. We can’t be heard if we don’t vote and if we don’t we only have ourselves to blame. I talk to women and men everyday and it always seem to be treated as the lesser of two evils. Hasn’t enough scare tactics and even death to the innocent and we can’t raise our voice. Americans are simply spoiled with free speech and democracy and some still choose to not vote. I’m sure our forefather’s never intended this way. They might have known there will be differences of opinion but, that what makes America,choice. I can’t urge you enough to vote your own soul and your family will all be impacted by not taking our duty as Americans to vote. What message do we leave our children if they see us not vote. It would be a shame not to share our right to speak out.No matter what party you are or are not that’s not the issue and Don’t let the media and rumors control your thinking or your right just make a decision to do the right thing this election. If it’s just one vote it’s one vote to your future evolution. Mostly, let’s not forget about what we leave behind to our children and children’s children. It’s a simple task towards the future of America…Please,VOTE!!


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Depending upon your culture,religion and your outlook on such a fragile subject we can stir so many emotions from sadness to loss. But, did you ever experience what death can bring to our world when things like honesty, integrity and just peace is void during such a stress full time.

Maybe, there is a grim reaper that appears but, how?

Sometimes death can destroy families and relationships in general that to me is scarier than death if you perceive it as a final resting place of bliss. All in all the majority of time death not only leaves trauma but an unwanted guest or more to show.

Those guests are driven by greed.

There are many families that seemed to be unbreakable and strong to soon be a chaotic scene . The word “greed” in itself brings it’s negative counterparts along such as discord, anger and at it’s worst hate. It’s true the feuds that pop up among a dead man’s estate or simple belongings can cause so much turmoil that many scenes are laced with fighting and desires for a dead mans things.

So many families whether it’s spelt out before hand or not there is a dark tension that rides with the after process, how sad. Instead of concentrated on the real value lost we scrapple,argue and take. We lost the respect of one another over “things”…funny we often don’t think that these things are not true riches. The truest of riches laid in the true relationship we built, the moments we shared. Not in disposable items or money.

It’s like a bandaid on a deep cut wounds that take place rarely die. Relationships are lost in this life that may never recover. Even though we find it an uncomfortable conversation a well laid out plan may help or hinder as there are so many siblings that even go to courtrooms to get what they think they deserve with little or no reverence to our lost one’s wishes. The tears change the grim reaper sets the stage for a lot of drama and greed.

There are people you’d think were so close to find them the first to ransack through precious years of collected items or find themselves taking every hard earned cent this precious soul made only to become scoundrels and many times thieves…Whether they believe they are right or wrong this is part of a process that started since time began and we became sinful humans. If only we could learn to keep our eyes and hands what is ours and open our hearts to humankind. If we could just be aware of those moments that have such deeper meaning than the things we take that, end up in another stockpile of things with no light,soul or true joy.

Let us learn to embrace each living soul with dignity and grace during their lifetime and long after. Let us carry joys, stories and wisdom to our generations to come not deceit and brokenness. The path to change can begin with anyone of us showing signs of true love and respect.

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I see something so simple taken for granted everyday, a powerful source to life. Your right the title gave it away, “Breath”. I’ll start from our beginning of life.

At the very moment we are born we take our first breath. I wonder if you realize you are closest to the divine, the source, “God”. This is a powerful time when we enter this world. We take just simple breathing as another gift. We can so often ignore as such. The breath in itself can actually control so many physical issues in our body and well being. It can also
be taken away in a flash. It can change blood pressure, help us to control fear even help us to focus better.

Have you ever noticed if you ever lost your breath during heavy exertion or exercise how you hurried to bring it back under control.  Some of us may strive or the fight for our breath others, may even struggle with fear. There are many ways the breath is used to deepen our awareness.

Many people have practices that help open their spirit and body such as yoga, tai chai, meditation and countless other methods. And yet so many of us still are unaware of it’s “sacredness”. The moment we realize that not only vitality and vigor are not the only process of breath but, the slowing down of it too is precious.

Whether you’ve witnessed someone ill struggling or perhaps on an oxygen tank doesn’t play into the fact of joy and beauty we experience when we share our first breath on this earth. So many of us are in a joyous state of bliss when we’re born. There is almost an ignored sense of our last breath although, there is sadness in some degrees. There should be a great sense of contentment, peace and even joy again.

If we think about breath as our closest moment from the divine, our God. As sure as he puts us on earth is also as sure as he takes us back in his arms. Dependent of ‘course on our beliefs. We have much science that shares stories of an after life of boundless peace and bliss too.

If we embrace our breath as a tool carrying us from one world to the next it seems easier to put into perspective. Whatever your belief know that breath is “our gift” and when it is down to our last let’s think more positive of what lays ahead and rest in the fact of the end of suffering, pain and many more cruelties we’ve dealt with.

Give yourself “peace” even if we loose our dear ones and know with in this last breath lies a Beautiful and glorious home.

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There I was in the middle of a party of friends of ours.  They were celebrating their daughter’s twenty-first birthday.  After making the rounds through all the people in my age group, I suddenly noticed giggling, chattering and dancing. They were so infectious with joy and fun I took a seat and just enjoyed the music and dancing.  I had just realized I was in a moment of nostalgia without feeling regretful or putting myself in tears but, I was so excited looking at this happy bunch of girls and thinking of what laid ahead for them… So many doors were opening for women.

Even though women are the natural majority we didn’t take our power or I should say we were victimized, sexually discriminated and judged to name a few. Hell, it took us two hundred years to receive the right to vote!  There were so many hopeful issues that had been coming about…  opening doors that weren’t just closed to us but, locked.

No matter how strong of a woman you were in the past many times it was literally impossible to be equal and respected in the workplace. Although there are those women warriors that made a mark of change for the better. These notions that a woman would have full value in this world was something I was so grateful to witness. We had gone through so many battles that were so unnecessary and just made things in the long run difficult. The idea that women were taking back there power and using it for the good of all was exciting. This majority will change the way we act and think, while bringing unity on so many forefronts. It seemed like an eternity that we could even speak up for ourselves and our sisters.

The tension was high for men to treat us equally with dignity. We were making a mark in every arena from politics, media, education you name it, we were starting our revolution of strength. We were created to be equal and balance the great intention of “God”.  Men and women working together would eventually catapult the world into a much more harmonious environment solving many large issues that needed the input of intuitive, intelligent women. Even the men in todays world recognize the change in the current. The simplicity of being able to work together in a dignified matter was changing the world.

There I was at my mid-life prime witnessing it all!  The chance that we can make a better life for the needs of women and children and so many others that had been a scapegoat or victimized was in itself a shining light to us all.  Now we were free to embellish what we lost or had hopes of obtaining. We could do and be anything or anyone we wished for… No more square boxes to put us in, we are millionaires, astronauts, entrepreneurs – you name it.

The horizon looks bright from the perspective of men and women. There’s still some battles ahead, but, with the look of strength this new generation of women bring is wondrous to say the least. We as woman must remember just as slavery was abolished not many years ago so is discrimination and ignorance.

We must all join together and encourage our young people to all the opportunities that exist equally. The possibilities are endless… As I close I reflect back on something my grandmother used to say, “No man can enter the world without the labor and strength of a woman”.  In saying this I’ll close with women rise up and take your power back – the world needs us, too!

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Men or mice not only does it sound strange not spelling out the true subject in the title. It simply means the characteristics we take on as human beings.

In observing the basic personality of our habits and lifestyles, there are two general types. Do you know which one you are?  Let me expand on the mice,

this is generally the habitual almost focused to a fault. Regimented without little time for enjoyment or pausing. For instance the scenario goes like this alarm…

goes off and the race begins to get to work so, you gulp down some coffee if your lucky you eat and say two words to any significant other that may live with you.

Than you rush out the door ready to sit in traffic, listen to news or music as you frantically try to be well on time this morning. Than you’ve arrived all part

of your treadmill you created called daily life. It doesn’t stop there after work your back in the car on your way home at rush hour. You arrive home perhaps

there’s someone there to greet you or not. You change your clothes or not gobble down dinner perhaps tv,computer or a little reading than off to bed and the

cycle will begin again tomorrow. Now the man type varies a little as he takes a little time in between the wheel to enjoy his daily routine…  spends the early part

of the morning engaged in family tidbits.  Then wisks off to work with the window open perhaps, some music you enjoy. As you arrive to work you greet everyone

with a smile, a few kind words and than to your desk. you work hard but, usually eat lunch with a few work associates out. Opposed to the mice who probably eats

lunch at his desk,  alone.. Back to the man’s habits he’s a little more carefree… might even walk back from lunch and enjoy the open air. He than proceeds with his day

until quiting time when he becomes enthused to get home. He than gets himself ready to play with the kids before dinner or help his partner with dinner. They eat

as a family talking about everyones day. They or one cleans up and the other helps children(if they have some) get ready for bed, they tuck in their children. They

progress with what’s left of the evening to spend some quality time and get ready for bed.   So there you see two types of lifestyles. Which one do you live? How can

you change you life to let more joy creep in? Are you happy with your style there are of ‘course other lifestyles from people disabled,out of work or retired. Whatever,

your lifestyle is there are some tips to know to enhance your life. First learn to breath between each daily task these deep breaths can stabilize your breathing and

make you feel less stressed.  Secondly, you can become a little more social even if it’s once a week softball with the guys, shoot some pool and have a beer. The secret

is not only interaction which we all need but, physical exercise and during your work week this helps break up the monotomy of your work week. Third, make sure

your eating is healthy and you supplement according to your age. Fourth, find time for the little things in life whatever it is, a childs recital a romantic impromptu

dinner with a loving companion . Fourth, never forget to share time with your higher power.  In fact it should be first and foremost since prayer and meditation are

so healthy for your body brain and spirit. This can also help with focus and stanima through the day. The fifth, is simple learn to be positive no matter what look

for the sunny side count your blessings and learn to spread it around it comes back around you know.. Whatever style you are these five steps can give life a little

more enthusiasm and happiness….

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Now that marijuana has been “legalized “for medicinal purposes my curiosity started to naw at me…  I tried it in high school at first because of peer pressure, then you’d see it passed around at parties. Lucky I guess it did nothing for me except on occassion make me feel like I fit in. That was years ago I’m now 57! Well life has finally come full circle.  Disease after disease…  I was medicated out… oh where do you start when you never beleived in medication and always taking a natural remedy. Things were out of hand in my world.
Medications soon became breakfast, lunch and dinner…so sad. The worse was my struggle with doctors to take me off of it. So much confusion.  It became a jeopardy for anyone to get involved…  I tried my own tricks of weaning,   I begged anyone in the field of medicine and natural means to help to no avail.   That made me more desperate to open my eyes.
There I was with Pain never ending… anguish, worry, just lost. Honestly, without my God I would not be here. The side effects create a whole other batch of sensations laced with some release and then a new stack of problems from itching, bleeding, to dry throat to name a very few. We seem to have a greater sensitivity lately in recognizing the other spectrum.  At the very least they are giving human beings the right to choose how they want to be medicated.
Cannabis, aka Marijuana, can heal the cause, ease the pain and relax those nerves to name a few.  What did I learn through all my research and self study?  That more and more people are using and integrating marijuana with serious medications for pain so they will be able to wean their bodies from the horrid control that these prescription drugs have on you. 
I did learn that the process of purchasing medical marijuana can be a tedious experience. However, it is an amazing way to save a life and the quality of it. The process of obtaining it is well regulated and not open to the public. You pay a application fee to your legal state and must have it signed by your doctor that specializes in medical marijuana. If you are approved you recieve a license to purchase medical marijuana.
The next step in the process is to find a local or closeby despensary.  Every facility is a little bit different and varies from state to state because of each state’s unique regulations and laws. When you walk in the front door you will greeted by a receptionist who will register you with your license and ID.
This was an unique experience for me but it can be somewhat timely if your waiting behind a novice or you happen to be one. I was pleased with the amount of time and questions answered during the purchase. Yes, it seems to be a bit pricie but, well under the cost of most medications. The decision is in your hands if you have legal access it may be worth your while to at least explore. Personally, it made my life actually more productive not unproductive. All these years I thought that It was bad and it made people lazy. I guess it’s a perfect example of judging.
One important factor are the strains… there are many but, in general two types.  Sativa is one of the two kinds. Sativa in short is more of an upper used for many ailments that can keep you more in tune and functioning while eliminating the symptoms from your disease. The second is called indica which is more relaxing and still soothes spasms and pain. There is much more to each strand but, just to give you FYI. the last type that’s used frequently today is dependent on what your trying to relieve, is known as hybrid. To put it in a nutshell its combinations of strains.
Cannabis now is a medical Science that gives us another choice in healing and calming symptoms. So you see it’s not the stereo typed pot smoking anymore.  Most people are alert during therapy and functioning fine.
There is one important piece I’m not sure people know but, we have what’s called “cannabis” receptors throughout the body naturally. These receptors pick up the presence and start to do their work. It’s amazing when you think a natural healing element that naturaly grows on this earth is condusive to our bodies already…In other words its not a strange compound of chemicals that cause not just side effects but, sometimes can cause other serious diseases.
As you are aware this is my own experience and research the rest is up to you to make the choice. Whatever, you decide keep in mind your health both long term and short term is a factor.Be wise  do your own homework. Life is not worth suffering through when answers now exist. So again, do your own research, talk to both types of doctors and decide what path is best for your life. Remember too canaibis was a legal mediction not too long ago… Good luck here’s to feeling better!
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This is not one of my favorite topics but, it’s become such a mixture that it may be explosive depending what direction we land. And I hope you noticed no Lol afterwards.What first made me aware of all the inconsistencies was just opening newspapers, magazines then following that was the internet,of course. Thats when no matter who reported I got a different list although there were similarities there was no clean cut list in order of significance. As I said there were similar subjects like terrorism, violence and patrolling boarders to serious subjects to americans personally like healthcare and social security. When I read my first article I thought healthcare was a large one since a lot of us can’t afford it and when we spend to get it the co pays and prescriptions is another expense. There were so many issues on terrorism and nuclear war it was crazy. Not only after issue after issue we slowly made more topics to complicate matters at home that were personal wars that impacted communities and children’s future such as drugs and gun control. Than what about the discrepancies between the rich and poor you notice I didn’t mention the middle class that’s because that was another concern the future of non existent middle class. You see there are lots of worries by the american people it’s part of what we read, hear and see that makes us bewildered from all of it.
    So what is our biggest fear some of us are fearful of our government it many ways their decision making,the constant fighting
and of course government spending without sight of an average person’s living. There are so many in our own country un addressed like widows, single parenting and again not enough healthcare. Although however or whatever you look at it a
from a nuclear war to not being able to get healthcare its serious but, will we know what is the scariest at the time the media has a meeting of minds and that will take a miracle to keep politicians and media from building fear. No matter what’s important to you that’s simply where your focus will be for now anyway. We can pray and hope that our country will put its needs first until than …Be careful what you hear and read it all has the power to not only put fear in us but, keeps them controlling our fears.
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As a young girl with four brothers I thought I could handle men without any issues. Little did I know growing into an attractive woman would make it twice as difficult.  When we are young we not only try to sail above it all but we try to ignore the inevitable.

Today’s headlines of sexual harassment and in appropriateness has opened my life’s private doors of pain and discomfort. There were so many times I was overpowered, threatened or just plain embarrassed that I was in these situations. At one point I even hired an attorney just to stop the constant torture I would receive from male coworkers. They of course had a leader who would continue to leave promiscuous naked pictures with hand written words that would appear daily at my desk. Then,  I was taken aside and given an envelope from a married man my superior with a gift certificate for Victoria’s Secret and plans to meet for private rendezvous…. I was in tears and left work defenseless.

After all,  I worked with mostly men. I was in commercial real estate. I should be able to take it. I’d been treated worse but,  this time it just hit my last nerve. I was divorced with a young baby boy all we had was my job and a fight wasn’t what I was looking for just to go to work without hearing or insinuating sex!

It became inevitable that I’d have to report the turmoil I was in. I remember I felt telling a female superior would be somewhat more comfortable, was I wrong! She basically told me if I didn’t want a scandal and no job I would let it go… now it was a decision to quit. How could I get up everyday while they laughed at me that there was no way to stop it.

So I quit but, I did go back and fight.  Although part of me hoped I made some tiny change going forward. This was a small incident in a long life of careers that would teach me where to duck, hide or avoid others. Today, I feel an uprising in myself to come out for the many incidents I have sustained but, there is a strong wave of justice that has made “everyone aware ” of the injustices that occur to many others .

I pray that the tension and denial of these incidents can’t be ignored. I hope that life as we know it will change and both men and woman will be protected from such inhumanity. I for one am grateful to see the light shine upon this dark web that has existed for hundreds of years. By being made accountable for such actions will at least make people think before disrespecting another human being…

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