Our bodies carry memories of traumas and experiences that shape our physical presence. The human body through its connection to mind and spirit can be governed to accomplish tasks with precise detail. Not only is it able to accomplish but it has the ability to activate the senses, engaging the human body as we know it which is customarily taken for granted. Without even one of our senses our bodies can compensate for the missing sense and engage other faculties and help aid in the missing one.

Along with its millions of functions the body connects with the human brain to create an orchestration of physical symptoms and senses. The human body coordinates millions of nerves, cells and bodily functions from each organ from digestion to physical exercise to breathing. These simple tasks are so complex behind the scenes. The very essence of our being is dependent upon the simple task of breathing. Without it, the body shuts down and ceases to exist.

Over the past decade, many new discoveries of disease and conditions of the human body have been brought to light. Through this, there has also been revolutionary breakthroughs on the frontier of medicine and healing.

These breakthroughs are not just in the field of traditional medicine, but of a New Age awareness such as acupuncture, diet, exercise, meditation, biofeedback, and a host of others. With the anticipation in mind, to help u live longer, with a healthier quality of life.

As time goes by, not only are we closer to fully understand the hundreds of functions of the human body but, its ability to heal…