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Every answer to a bad day seems to be focused on what’s ahead…”a new day”.
What is it about “a new day” that seems to refresh our soul and give us hope?  It’s pretty simple… it’s the excitement of possibilities, the anticipation of something making us happy enough to forget yesterday.
The myriad of promises we let float in the optimistic side of our brain are saved for rainy days and let downs. When things become awry we look for a new solution to make things better…  there’s the saying that keeps us going “this too shall pass”.  These little words can give us more than hope but, it can create momentum that keeps us going. What is “a new day” that uplifts us from the doldrums in which we experience?
“A new day”, is full of rainbows and fantasy. It can be the extra mile we go as we need to face the next day with confidence and vigor. So the very next time you’ve had one of “those days” you need to apply this psychology. “A new day” can even offer compassion when your low… after all, everything can change in a day. We can go from ill to well , poor to rich just to name a few.
A day that’s new can offer all kinds of possibilities so when you feel like giving up or giving in look to “a new day” and keep your wheels turning. Don’t lose hope, just know there’s new things right around the corner that can change your life for the better.
Keep it in drive and go forward. Here’s to “a new day”….
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