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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               As time goes on our lives change and evolve into one of two ways….  gracefully or redundanty.  Why?  Well in simple terms it is what we make it.  Everything begins in the mind and becomes reality. For an example seeing the 1/2 glass of water empty or full. It is all in perception, in order to age with all the benefits thats just what we must do focus on the positive.. If your one who cant see the positive side your letting yourself down.. Your stealing your own inner bliss that has become your right of passage. Aging is like spicing up a dull dish adding years is life’s zest and exotic enhancements that open our eyes and our hearts to new ways of thinking thus projecting positivity into the future. No one but you can create a great life. The emmense amount of wisdom we are given through trials and tribulations build a beautiful landscape that helps you to create a joyous life full of richness and depth.

     Throughout history we see both archtypes of peaceful, and graceful aging vs turburlent and troublesome aging. We’ve seen history show us through literature and time the faults of rising with the negative qualities of greed, pride and ungratefulness. Each outcome is reliant on the individuals mindset to be wise or foolish. If one focuses on the end result being positive this will change lifes determent into a loving,worthy outcome. Taking all this into consideration your life can shift to a force filled with joy and lighthearteness and exemplify the wisdom that comes with aging with greatness. We can then generate a new offspring for the generations ahead by this role model.

    In order to have this outcome there is a formula to its success. Blending together good attributes such as, “gratefulness, kindness and wisdom” can create a future full of happiness as opposed to unhappiness. By not utilizing” ungratefulness , ignorance and selfishness ” you can avoid a miserable existance. All in all when we decide to create our future with all the right things we open the doors to innerpeace and joy. We become a shining star full of wisdom and sense. Many civilizations greatly reverence their elderly population and actually sought after them for divine knowledge and assistance in life. The role of aging is to prune and weed out years of unyielding knowledge. As we come closer to who we are meant to be an inner harmony begins to develop inside of us showing us a clearer path in life filled wth serenity and simplicity. Simply stated we shed our years of un needed skins and develop more of an aura that enightens us and others.

     To wrap it all up , a simple life with wholehearted gratefulness, grace and diginity we must let go of all that doesn’t serve us.  When we begin to process we make room for all the rewards heaven has to offer on earth.Through patience and consistant goodness we will generate our souls intention to” live greatfully” fully achieving true “greatness”…

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