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I see something so simple taken for granted everyday, a powerful source to life. Your right the title gave it away, “Breath”. I’ll start from our beginning of life.

At the very moment we are born we take our first breath. I wonder if you realize you are closest to the divine, the source, “God”. This is a powerful time when we enter this world. We take just simple breathing as another gift. We can so often ignore as such. The breath in itself can actually control so many physical issues in our body and well being. It can also
be taken away in a flash. It can change blood pressure, help us to control fear even help us to focus better.

Have you ever noticed if you ever lost your breath during heavy exertion or exercise how you hurried to bring it back under control.  Some of us may strive or the fight for our breath others, may even struggle with fear. There are many ways the breath is used to deepen our awareness.

Many people have practices that help open their spirit and body such as yoga, tai chai, meditation and countless other methods. And yet so many of us still are unaware of it’s “sacredness”. The moment we realize that not only vitality and vigor are not the only process of breath but, the slowing down of it too is precious.

Whether you’ve witnessed someone ill struggling or perhaps on an oxygen tank doesn’t play into the fact of joy and beauty we experience when we share our first breath on this earth. So many of us are in a joyous state of bliss when we’re born. There is almost an ignored sense of our last breath although, there is sadness in some degrees. There should be a great sense of contentment, peace and even joy again.

If we think about breath as our closest moment from the divine, our God. As sure as he puts us on earth is also as sure as he takes us back in his arms. Dependent of ‘course on our beliefs. We have much science that shares stories of an after life of boundless peace and bliss too.

If we embrace our breath as a tool carrying us from one world to the next it seems easier to put into perspective. Whatever your belief know that breath is “our gift” and when it is down to our last let’s think more positive of what lays ahead and rest in the fact of the end of suffering, pain and many more cruelties we’ve dealt with.

Give yourself “peace” even if we loose our dear ones and know with in this last breath lies a Beautiful and glorious home.

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