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I would like to start my little essay by defining and disecting the words change of life. First, theres” change” “to make new or become different” .”of “, expressing the relationship between a part and a whole. “Life”, the period between birth and life put simply. Now putting it together very simply in itself demonstrates the “need” or “yearning to metamorph”. Now the bigger question that leaves everyone hanging is “into what” or “what now”.  All of these issues are dependent on individual situations, status and gender so I will generalize my own hypothosis so I can give an overview of what seems to go on during this unsettling time in life.

For many years this subject has been limited in two types of thinking between the genders. Female’s being “menopausal” related. Males being a string of unfamiliar changes in behavior. Although, the dictionary name for a man’s change is “Andropause”. History seems to make the men’s being a more trivial upheaval than a biological change as many describe a women’s change. As history continues to lend a hand to men having fun experiementing while women are saddled with the agony of physical bodily changes within and finally outward changes. Women’s changing can consist of “hot flashes” , “weight gain”, “irritability”and a “decreased libido” just to name a few. On the otherhand a man’s change focuses more on him “losing weight”, “enhancing his hairline or color” ,” rejuvinating his wardrobe” and “increase in his libido”to just scratch the surface. “Wow” sounds like a world war if their in a relationship with each other doesn’t it? Not really, just a terrible injustice going on on the surface. These conflicting changes going on simultaneously can cause serious insult to injury in a relationship with the same age group. It can also create big misunderstandings in marriages and many relationships due to the outward appearance of whats going on.

Seriously, whats really going on is a large amount of hormonal changes in the body that cause the underlying true feelings of unworthiness,depression, low self esteem to surface. The issues are how each gender handles the changes. A male will influx himself with feelings of grandeur to keep from exposing his low self worth. He will return to his instinctual self and want to hunt to prove his masculinity and grand manhood. This of course if not understood can cause men to seek woman outside the relationship and and even younger woman to stoke the male ego. This is the time all the love can fly out the window in a long term steady relationship. Simply because of the fast impulse to satisfy himself on a topical level. The consequences of not getting insight during this time in a mans life can be devastating in the long run consisting of financial loss,injury to relationships with loved ones and an immense amount of hurt to both parties involved.

Now a woman’s agony not only consists of physical symptoms but alot of emotional tortue within. She also shares issues of self worth, a lonliness deep within, depression, anxiety about her ongoing changes, her loss of libido can make her feel disconnected to life itself. All of these feelings compounded with the physical worry of aging . It is an entirally different ballgame for a woman who is forced to be on a hamster wheel with her physical appearance to keep up with society and be attractive to the opposite sex this in itself can cause many emotions. A woman must work on her innerworth to continue a sense of both accomplishment and and strong self worth to process the change to her advantage. We often overlook the whimsical wisdom and knowledge that comes with age. The fortitude that a strong woman can choose to develop instead of giving in to the physical notions that she must keep up with how others are viewed.

In both sexes we can find a happy medium of respecting oneself for obtaining the right of change. We must loose the condition that we must amount to some standard or image man made or emotionally charged one by the hormonal state we are going through .It is our right of passage to conclude the days ahead are ones of  joy, wisdom, and peace. We have both worked through many physical changes in our own realities to discover that we can face the simpleness of lifes delights that lie ahead in our future. The sheer gratitude of aging gracefully is enough in its own right to embrace change and glide into our next stage of life. By growing through our experiences we can help others take control of oneself during the changes ahead. So stay true to yourself, be who you are and be contented no matter what changes are going on in you or in someone else.  The rainbow comes to those who hold true to who they were created to be. “Embrace the Change”!







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