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Did you ever notice soon after the dust settles… After or sometimes close to the end of a life, “Chaos” and “Greed” step in to interrupt the usual mourning period. So many families suffer from the real pain and a loss, usually with some type of discontent. Whether the family is functional or dysfunctional it does’t seem to matter.

The ugly green eye arises in search of money, property. Things become the sole purpose of family and supposed loved ones. This can cause not just contention, but sometimes a breakdown of previous family values. This not only leads to quarrelsome arguments, fighting and many times the family ends up dismantled over someones possessions who’s passed on.

Sounds crazy? But, unfortunately true.

Everyday there are families torn apart by selfishness and greed. It’s a sad state of affairs at this point. What can be done?  In most cases,  proper legal documents in place can help and other times they are still challenged when human beings take it upon themselves to try to take or squander assets. In many occasions it can end up even tying court systems up in heated debate in which most cases the attorneys take a substantial amount of monies during the unreasonableness of accepting what is or I should say what was. The court can even overturn good intentions of a passed one into a different outset. Many people in these situations, instead of mourning,  will put their energy of entitlement into fighting for assets. This not only leads to separation of family members, but true hate and more anger. Families are torn apart because there is never a meeting of minds. This is truly a sad event.

I can personally tell you that having at least three main documents filled out is a starting point for your loved one. In a perfect world you can have a separate agreement that may help bind the paperwork together so there’s less contention. The first, is a power of attorney, than healthcare surrogate and lastly the will itself. It is always best to consult an attorney and if there is contention ask him for any other binding documents to untie any loopholes that may arise. Sometimes, just sibling rivalry can also cause issues so you may use someone trusted or even an attorney to be in control.

I hope this gives you some help should you ever have a devastating loss. Or if you’ve already faced such a sad affair, know your not alone unfortunately it can be a common occurrence. In the future be prepared and do your own homework. I hope this sheds light upon the complications of disasters that still can occur even when everyone seems to agree before hand.

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