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Following your bliss involves surrendering all you think, all you do and definitely all you know. It is a whirlwind presence that takes over mind, body, and soul. First things first. What is your bliss? Lets simply define “Bliss”. The English dictionary describes it as perfect happiness; great joy or a state of “spiritual blessedness”. You must know what your chasing, what you want, how you want to live from this day forward. There is no past, nothing to hold you back but, you. You must let go and leave the rest to get there. Sounds so simple. But, it is when you do just as I said, let nothing or no one change your mind.

We intuitively know what it is we crave, hunger or fantasize about. Sometimes we even lower ourselves to the human emotion of jealousy, wanting the life, body or looks of someone else. Any emotion that doesn’t serve our higher purpose it is not only wasteful energy it also, brings us further from our wishes or intention. Human feelings are like everything in life they possess energies both good and bad. When we utilize negative energy we move down the ladder of success. Why, because positive forces attract putting our plan or wish in action. Negative energy not only takes us of our ‘course but, it slows the process and drains us in the midst of trying to obtain our goal. This process must begin with a serious sit down with yourself. It can be both monotonous and perplexing having to take an inventory of what you really want. The good news is our spiritual nature will be inherently lead towards what’s best for our inner self. Begin by being still with yourself on a regular basis and asking yourself question after question. If I could be anything I want to be what would I be? If I could be anywhere else in world, where would I be? and so on, you just have to ask the questions that will help you answer your real intentions.

The second thing that is very vital and perhaps the most difficult is as I put it “Shedding your skins”. That very simply is get rid of whatever holds you back. Just pretend for a moment your tired of your job or profession. What would you do if it didn’t exist. Close your eyes and visualize yourself in your dream job , how do you feel? Do you feel and sense all your surroundings? You must gather everything you know about where you are going to make the imagery real. You should fanaticize from every detail from the type of people you want to work with to the type of office you want to possess. Granted, if you even have one..

Using your five senses can help immensely with your end result. Just think about a psychologist or even a hypnotist we all use tools to help you get inside of the truth. In this case it’s what you want to transform your life into… Over the years I’ve met both men and women that couldn’t see their “bliss” to its end result. Ninety times over it is based on deep fears that have built up over the years. Know this “fear” is our enemy in all things, it simply steals our joy. It can give us real and imagined outcomes such as, doubt or even anxiety. There are many traps along the way but, fear in itself is far more crippling than many every day issues. So we leave it behind, with all or any other things that get in the way. Yes, it all sounds easy but, it’s not. It takes work, focus and dedication to get where you’re going. All of us get there at different times but, if we get there it’s not even worth looking back.

The first part of arriving in “Nirvana” as I call it is for most of us is “the shock factor”. That isn’t as bad as it sounds it just somehow makes us adjust and than enjoy..Most of all in all my consulting and coaching over the years I stress being grateful. It in all things is like leaving flour out of a bread recipe no bread without it. Being grateful helps you settle in as well. Don’t forget where you were when you started. There are many people that have reduced their stress, made them self happier and not to mention healthier. No matter what it is you will be glad you had the courage to change your life.

I will let you in on a little secret I too followed my bliss.. Well , here I am. I totally changed my life for the better. I believed all I had to share through life experience, education and self studies should be used towards helping others find their way. I have always believed that by walking the walk you have the privilege to talk the talk. I totally did it over fifteen years ago and have not only changed what I know, believe and feel about life but, I know I live it. My favorite part was my young son at the time learned nothing is impossible. Besides all that, he got his mom back…I was able to balance my life spend precious time with my son, and help others to empower themselves. This was how I followed my bliss. It took time and a lot of sacrifice at first but, I never have had one regret in the world. I am here to serve and help people improve themselves and or their lives. That has been innately carved into my DNA and I couldn’t be happier doing what I was meant to do. There are so many people unhappy from any issue you could think of from self appearance issues to their careers to simply where they want to live.

So don’t hesitate to be happy, content and at peace. Life is too short not follow your “Bliss”….

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