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Take in account where you are and start from there…what are you doing at this moment? Stocking shelves, sorting papers, cleaning a room. Whatever you are doing Start there.Don’t think about it at all no matter if you are in dislike of what it is, just do it. But, add amazing to it or add wonderful! No matter if you have a boss, supervisor or none at all .. Yourself is always the best person to please. If you start within a whole cycle of interesting things will happen . You will become proud, have better self esteem and you will become just happier when you not only complete a task but, to do it with that extra attention and enthusiasm. Everything we do can be a task or we can look at it in another perspective and make it an “Honor”. Laughing out loud I’m sure by now but, think of your superior being your higher self, God or whoever you connect with. If you think in simple terms like this it will expand your efforts. You, yourself will feel better and your work will demonstrate your efforts somehow someway someone will take notice or even commend you for your new work ethics.

If you don’t see it happening visualize your higher self telling you how much you are appreciated and what a superior job you did. Feel the flow of gratefulness between your spiritual self. that energy flow will continue to invoke much more than emotionally good feelings but, you will begin to create your own neurotransmitters that make your body and mind generate a flow of happiness and goodness throughout your body. I’m sure some of you are like the little donkey in Winnie the pooh that just exists and sighs whats the use.. Seriously, who doesn’t need an extra boost of good feelings, new energy and a better outlook! just a simple task of the day can turn into an electric energy that will not only ignite you. all of a sudden you will see others changing around you..You have nothing to loose you have things to do all the time just put the best you can into it and ignite your day…

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