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Now that marijuana has been “legalized “for medicinal purposes my curiosity started to naw at me…  I tried it in high school at first because of peer pressure, then you’d see it passed around at parties. Lucky I guess it did nothing for me except on occassion make me feel like I fit in. That was years ago I’m now 57! Well life has finally come full circle.  Disease after disease…  I was medicated out… oh where do you start when you never beleived in medication and always taking a natural remedy. Things were out of hand in my world.
Medications soon became breakfast, lunch and dinner…so sad. The worse was my struggle with doctors to take me off of it. So much confusion.  It became a jeopardy for anyone to get involved…  I tried my own tricks of weaning,   I begged anyone in the field of medicine and natural means to help to no avail.   That made me more desperate to open my eyes.
There I was with Pain never ending… anguish, worry, just lost. Honestly, without my God I would not be here. The side effects create a whole other batch of sensations laced with some release and then a new stack of problems from itching, bleeding, to dry throat to name a very few. We seem to have a greater sensitivity lately in recognizing the other spectrum.  At the very least they are giving human beings the right to choose how they want to be medicated.
Cannabis, aka Marijuana, can heal the cause, ease the pain and relax those nerves to name a few.  What did I learn through all my research and self study?  That more and more people are using and integrating marijuana with serious medications for pain so they will be able to wean their bodies from the horrid control that these prescription drugs have on you. 
I did learn that the process of purchasing medical marijuana can be a tedious experience. However, it is an amazing way to save a life and the quality of it. The process of obtaining it is well regulated and not open to the public. You pay a application fee to your legal state and must have it signed by your doctor that specializes in medical marijuana. If you are approved you recieve a license to purchase medical marijuana.
The next step in the process is to find a local or closeby despensary.  Every facility is a little bit different and varies from state to state because of each state’s unique regulations and laws. When you walk in the front door you will greeted by a receptionist who will register you with your license and ID.
This was an unique experience for me but it can be somewhat timely if your waiting behind a novice or you happen to be one. I was pleased with the amount of time and questions answered during the purchase. Yes, it seems to be a bit pricie but, well under the cost of most medications. The decision is in your hands if you have legal access it may be worth your while to at least explore. Personally, it made my life actually more productive not unproductive. All these years I thought that It was bad and it made people lazy. I guess it’s a perfect example of judging.
One important factor are the strains… there are many but, in general two types.  Sativa is one of the two kinds. Sativa in short is more of an upper used for many ailments that can keep you more in tune and functioning while eliminating the symptoms from your disease. The second is called indica which is more relaxing and still soothes spasms and pain. There is much more to each strand but, just to give you FYI. the last type that’s used frequently today is dependent on what your trying to relieve, is known as hybrid. To put it in a nutshell its combinations of strains.
Cannabis now is a medical Science that gives us another choice in healing and calming symptoms. So you see it’s not the stereo typed pot smoking anymore.  Most people are alert during therapy and functioning fine.
There is one important piece I’m not sure people know but, we have what’s called “cannabis” receptors throughout the body naturally. These receptors pick up the presence and start to do their work. It’s amazing when you think a natural healing element that naturaly grows on this earth is condusive to our bodies already…In other words its not a strange compound of chemicals that cause not just side effects but, sometimes can cause other serious diseases.
As you are aware this is my own experience and research the rest is up to you to make the choice. Whatever, you decide keep in mind your health both long term and short term is a factor.Be wise  do your own homework. Life is not worth suffering through when answers now exist. So again, do your own research, talk to both types of doctors and decide what path is best for your life. Remember too canaibis was a legal mediction not too long ago… Good luck here’s to feeling better!
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