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Men or mice not only does it sound strange not spelling out the true subject in the title. It simply means the characteristics we take on as human beings.

In observing the basic personality of our habits and lifestyles, there are two general types. Do you know which one you are?  Let me expand on the mice,

this is generally the habitual almost focused to a fault. Regimented without little time for enjoyment or pausing. For instance the scenario goes like this alarm…

goes off and the race begins to get to work so, you gulp down some coffee if your lucky you eat and say two words to any significant other that may live with you.

Than you rush out the door ready to sit in traffic, listen to news or music as you frantically try to be well on time this morning. Than you’ve arrived all part

of your treadmill you created called daily life. It doesn’t stop there after work your back in the car on your way home at rush hour. You arrive home perhaps

there’s someone there to greet you or not. You change your clothes or not gobble down dinner perhaps tv,computer or a little reading than off to bed and the

cycle will begin again tomorrow. Now the man type varies a little as he takes a little time in between the wheel to enjoy his daily routine…  spends the early part

of the morning engaged in family tidbits.  Then wisks off to work with the window open perhaps, some music you enjoy. As you arrive to work you greet everyone

with a smile, a few kind words and than to your desk. you work hard but, usually eat lunch with a few work associates out. Opposed to the mice who probably eats

lunch at his desk,  alone.. Back to the man’s habits he’s a little more carefree… might even walk back from lunch and enjoy the open air. He than proceeds with his day

until quiting time when he becomes enthused to get home. He than gets himself ready to play with the kids before dinner or help his partner with dinner. They eat

as a family talking about everyones day. They or one cleans up and the other helps children(if they have some) get ready for bed, they tuck in their children. They

progress with what’s left of the evening to spend some quality time and get ready for bed.   So there you see two types of lifestyles. Which one do you live? How can

you change you life to let more joy creep in? Are you happy with your style there are of ‘course other lifestyles from people disabled,out of work or retired. Whatever,

your lifestyle is there are some tips to know to enhance your life. First learn to breath between each daily task these deep breaths can stabilize your breathing and

make you feel less stressed.  Secondly, you can become a little more social even if it’s once a week softball with the guys, shoot some pool and have a beer. The secret

is not only interaction which we all need but, physical exercise and during your work week this helps break up the monotomy of your work week. Third, make sure

your eating is healthy and you supplement according to your age. Fourth, find time for the little things in life whatever it is, a childs recital a romantic impromptu

dinner with a loving companion . Fourth, never forget to share time with your higher power.  In fact it should be first and foremost since prayer and meditation are

so healthy for your body brain and spirit. This can also help with focus and stanima through the day. The fifth, is simple learn to be positive no matter what look

for the sunny side count your blessings and learn to spread it around it comes back around you know.. Whatever style you are these five steps can give life a little

more enthusiasm and happiness….

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