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Did you know it’s not possible to have a negative thought with a positive thought at the same time. Common sense would be to change that negative thought into its opposite in which we can change our thought process. I’m sure it is easier said than done, but it will happen with patience,  repetition and eventually “habit”.

Today, life can be busy but we must remind ourselves how important it is to change our old way of thinking. Soon you will notice a chain of more positive energy flowing in your life. It’s also good to keep positive people , places and memories surrounding our lives. Simple changes from the subconscious can come back and feed us a negative thought or memory. By substituting those thoughts with new positive ones we can transform not only ourselves, but others…

In time you will see your life transform for the better even improving relationships. When we seek to change with true intention your world will present what you need to accomplish positivity . If you can take positive emotions and replace them you will begin to even think differently. You will be living lighter and be happier. So start today with the simple things you think about… maybe when you’re in traffic or daydreaming.  The more influx of positivity the less negativity can exist. There”s no room for both!

Now its up to you to fill the blanks in with positive action. Good luck on the journey to a happier life.

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