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It’s that time of year again, awful or exciting to you? Time for a resolution. Is it that it’s a change from your ordinary behavior or a way to get motivated dead stuck in winter.

Whatever, it is to us personally it’s not as important as the follow through.. That’s the difficult part, staying consistant to your goal. How can you make it an easier

process? There are many psychiatrist and psycologist say being and making yourself accountable. One simple technique that can also be private is to journal your goal

and monitor your progress by writing down each day what you’ve done. This will give you a general idea of how your progressing and writing the details helps you track

your progression. Another simple method is to find someone close to you to confide in ,share your goal and ask them to basically hold you accountable to your

commitment by checking with them regularly. Another way is what is called the “Buddy System”. This involves having the same or simular goals. Together you mandate

your path then set goals and hold each other accountable. There is also the technique of ” competition”  that can motivate certain personalities more. Whatever you choose

it can’t be too overwhelming or you can set youself up fo failure so take it easy if your goal is too easy you can tweek it but, most important to the psyche is obtaining a

goal adhering to it and than the satisfaction of fulfilling it. Once you committ, follow through and you will begin to entice more motivation in the process. By doing so

you create self satisfaction in which will give you more speed forward towards your goals and give you more motivation to meet your objective. In closing whatever

technique you use it’s good to plan it ahead and than proceed, Happy New Year and good luck at whatever your goal is…



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