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The simple way to start creating anything is to first, VISUALIZE the images in your dreams that are the most prominent in what you want. It seems easier said then done but, the puzzle will unwind on its own if you follow these simple techniques. The visualization part is mandatory to develop the reality of your dreams. You then must ASK your higher power for exactly what the dream is and most importantly do so with LOVE and GOOD INTENTIONS. Any positive spin will ignite the power of fruition just by using these steps. The last most vital is doing so with GRATITUDE. Being grateful is another vital key to the equasion.

Lets begin with visualization. Tap into all your senses during this process so that you dont miss any of what you actually want. Using all of your senses to optimize your dreams. Obviously using one dream at a time is best to streamline your processing into reality. Start to visualize colors,textures,smells,sounds,pictures,tastes and especially feelings from emotional joy to the feel of sunshine . Of course its part of what you want to have, how you want to live going forward. Put yourself into pictures you have whether its something you saw, imagined or have physical pictures of that you’ve collected. The more visuals the more it helps you keep the vision alive when working towards your goal.

Asking, how do I ask? Very simply with an innocent heart. Like a child would ask his father with excitement at the chance of him saying yes or believing you won’t be denied. Then great gratitude comes into play yes great. Gratitude is a power in itself by giving thanks you are automatically tuned in to recieve more… These simple steps have created the destinys of many famous beings throughout history. From biblical times of David to present day icons of industries. The caution is not using the steps as I have outlined. For example with ill will or bad intentions this can be a disaster and boomerang ill will and loss to ones self and possibly loved ones. Again history shows many examples of how ill will created hate,war and disension in our lives and world. Enough negative notes back to positivity.

Now that we have the formula its up to you to build your dream and see it through.  There is No giving up or turning back. This is the difference between true dreams becoming reality. Remember VISUALIZE , ASK WITH LOVE, BE GRATEFUL ! To see it through keep repeating the steps over and over till soon you’ll be LIVING THE DREAM!

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