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So many of us are turned off from voting and there are some that are quite the opposite. So how do we emphasize that our real voice is heard? One vote at a time and one election at a time…Doesn’t sound “promising? This election is CRUCIAL in so many ways. We can’t be heard if we don’t vote and if we don’t we only have ourselves to blame. I talk to women and men everyday and it always seem to be treated as the lesser of two evils. Hasn’t enough scare tactics and even death to the innocent and we can’t raise our voice. Americans are simply spoiled with free speech and democracy and some still choose to not vote. I’m sure our forefather’s never intended this way. They might have known there will be differences of opinion but, that what makes America,choice. I can’t urge you enough to vote your own soul and your family will all be impacted by not taking our duty as Americans to vote. What message do we leave our children if they see us not vote. It would be a shame not to share our right to speak out.No matter what party you are or are not that’s not the issue and Don’t let the media and rumors control your thinking or your right just make a decision to do the right thing this election. If it’s just one vote it’s one vote to your future evolution. Mostly, let’s not forget about what we leave behind to our children and children’s children. It’s a simple task towards the future of America…Please,VOTE!!


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