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Wasn’t it just yesterday you were just tucking me in to say my prayers and tell me  everything would be alright.  Or wasn’t it just yesterday that my Dad was watching me graduate with a gleam of pride in his face.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that Dad was giving me advice on raising his “wonderful” grandchildren while squeezing them tight.

Well… it’s not just yesterday anymore…

It is today!

Today, I am mixed up in chaos and sadness. Today, I pray for hope and plead for time.  Today, I am going through the motions of the care needed each day.  Today, I will give my whole heart and soul and try not to feel guilt for not “doing enough”…  Today, I have no time for socializing with friends or even myself. Today, it doesn’t matter ’cause today, I don’t want to miss a single moment of my precious time with you.

Today may just be Tomorrow, and you may be no more….

So for today and yesterday I give you every moment of myself to try to give back to this precious being that has given to me unselfishly, sheltered me, soothed my soul, guided my heart, bathed me in Love, bandaged my knees, kissed my forehead, squeezed my cheeks, rewarded me with correctness and comforted me all along the way.

There are so many things I am grateful for in so many ways, for the years yesterday and so little time today to give back… What happened to me being cared for, and now I am the caregiver. It all seemed to happen in a day that our roles “reversed”. But, I am grateful to give back, laugh and talk about memories of our past… and especially to make you comfortable and happy to give my very best to my loving, kind & compassionate “daddy”. Let not a moment pass without letting you know how very much “I Love and appreciate you for all that you are, have been and have accomplished.

May GOD help me to show you in my very best ability how very much you are Loved and Adored by me. Know that during this earthly time we share together, let me do ALL that I can do while you exist here with me.

Until we meet gain, my precious “Daddy” (soul) May you be embraced by our Heavenly Father until we meet again. As you wait in Heaven for me…Amen.



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