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Well, today we have come a long way from a literal format of a strong woman from being physically strong “a brute” to an assertive woman “a bitch” to now in 2020 a host of strong women.

Yes, today it’s truly likely the definition in conversations has changed. We have so many strong women as role models in every capacity.

It seems there are so many types of “strong”. There are women fighting for rights against all types of dangers to women fighting unbearable diseases “to stay alive against all odds”… and of course, the brave women that speaks up in order to make a difference.

There are everyday caregivers that try to make that path of strength and human kindness. There are educated women that advance in today’s climate to open the doorways for advancement and recognition for their roles in today’s changing society. There are women speaking up about their trials of harassment and abuse.  There are even women taking the lead in large companies becoming top rated ceos.

And let’s not forget sports… an arena where women were not mentioned in the same breath. And now not only speak up for disparity of treatment and pay, but women that quietly and with dignity strive to change our roles as the underdog. We even have women in a once all male dominated world of men’s sports such as sportscasters. The list has become endless, but we can’t stop there, we must persevere to create change and dignity into the world.

We ourselves must be the stepping stone to invoking good and fair climates that we can all work together without judgement or disdain, the qualities of men and women are somewhat different,  but there’s no denying that women are strong regardless what they are emerged in.  So the next time a sister gives us an open door we must stand up with unity and gratitude.

 After all these are the “strong” women making a difference for us all.

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