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I’m sitting at my computer ready to write when it hits me over my head…L I F E is a four lettered word.. WHOA what a start not to come off on a negative slant but, to look at it from another perspective. I myself am a life coach in years of coaching I tend to always see the glass half full as opposed to half empty. So lets begin as if life is a toilsome ,troubled conquest we must go through daily with a certain disdain.

If so this can really change the course of the day turning the simplest item into a major undertaking. Lets start with waking up. Such a terrible feat to hear an alarm go off awaking us from that cold pina colada oceanside, a gentle warm breeze. What would make that early rise worth it? A doorbell with photograghers cheering that your the winner of sweepstakes clearing house? A Safe full of hunrded dollar bills to outlast your existance or just a dream job that makes each day a pleasure…

If we could have anyone scenerio would it change how we feel about life in general? Or would it spill more decision making and worries into our lap making us rethink the possibilities.  All in all no matter where we go to bandaid or fix an area of life we find a hole in the fabric. So what makes life worthwhile? What makes life worthy of a long steady commitment if trying, all that trial and error? Is it senseless to muddle through? I think not. We must empower all our circumstances and do so as a fine knitted sweater that outlasts our own use.

Where to begin… you know that half full glass isn’t such a bad thing. You will not worry when your thirsty, that theres enough or you won’t even take a drink that creates a bad start so lets concentrate on the positive side like filling that thirsty mouth full of cool refreshing water and giving us our first journey to better side. What if that alarm wakes us with one of our favorite songs?  Giving us a shot of joy and enthusiasm to start the day. What if we hold on to that simple feeling of joy all the way through the shower, breakfast and end up in our office with a great attitude to begin work. Did you notice the mixture of workers that are dismal and full of woe?  How about making it your business to change  and start a revolution of contentment and harmony in the office. You’ll soon notice a sweeping change that you helped influence with just holding on to positive emotions that can become contagious, fullfilling and exciting.

You, in one day, turned your day into a positive sweep of events by harboring the good and ignoring anything less. Just by making yourself conscious you can change your whole life. So knowing it doesn’t take much more than the right choices and it will multiply if you let it. So stop stinking your thinking and remember L O V E is another four letter word that has power to change anything and make it better.  Be simple. Just infuse something you love into your day!!!!

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