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Depending upon your culture,religion and your outlook on such a fragile subject we can stir so many emotions from sadness to loss. But, did you ever experience what death can bring to our world when things like honesty, integrity and just peace is void during such a stress full time.

Maybe, there is a grim reaper that appears but, how?

Sometimes death can destroy families and relationships in general that to me is scarier than death if you perceive it as a final resting place of bliss. All in all the majority of time death not only leaves trauma but an unwanted guest or more to show.

Those guests are driven by greed.

There are many families that seemed to be unbreakable and strong to soon be a chaotic scene . The word “greed” in itself brings it’s negative counterparts along such as discord, anger and at it’s worst hate. It’s true the feuds that pop up among a dead man’s estate or simple belongings can cause so much turmoil that many scenes are laced with fighting and desires for a dead mans things.

So many families whether it’s spelt out before hand or not there is a dark tension that rides with the after process, how sad. Instead of concentrated on the real value lost we scrapple,argue and take. We lost the respect of one another over “things”…funny we often don’t think that these things are not true riches. The truest of riches laid in the true relationship we built, the moments we shared. Not in disposable items or money.

It’s like a bandaid on a deep cut wounds that take place rarely die. Relationships are lost in this life that may never recover. Even though we find it an uncomfortable conversation a well laid out plan may help or hinder as there are so many siblings that even go to courtrooms to get what they think they deserve with little or no reverence to our lost one’s wishes. The tears change the grim reaper sets the stage for a lot of drama and greed.

There are people you’d think were so close to find them the first to ransack through precious years of collected items or find themselves taking every hard earned cent this precious soul made only to become scoundrels and many times thieves…Whether they believe they are right or wrong this is part of a process that started since time began and we became sinful humans. If only we could learn to keep our eyes and hands what is ours and open our hearts to humankind. If we could just be aware of those moments that have such deeper meaning than the things we take that, end up in another stockpile of things with no light,soul or true joy.

Let us learn to embrace each living soul with dignity and grace during their lifetime and long after. Let us carry joys, stories and wisdom to our generations to come not deceit and brokenness. The path to change can begin with anyone of us showing signs of true love and respect.

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