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Did you ever notice soon after the dust settles… After or sometimes close to the end of a life, “Chaos” and “Greed” step in to interrupt the usual mourning period. So many families suffer from the real pain and a loss, usually with some type of discontent. Whether the family is functional or dysfunctional it…

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Depending upon your culture,religion and your outlook on such a fragile subject we can stir so many emotions from sadness to loss. But, did you ever experience what death can bring to our world when things like honesty, integrity and just peace is void during such a stress full time. Maybe, there is a grim…

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I see something so simple taken for granted everyday, a powerful source to life. Your right the title gave it away, “Breath”. I’ll start from our beginning of life. At the very moment we are born we take our first breath. I wonder if you realize you are closest to the divine, the source, “God”….

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