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Men or mice not only does it sound strange not spelling out the true subject in the title. It simply means the characteristics we take on as human beings. In observing the basic personality of our habits and lifestyles, there are two general types. Do you know which one you are?  Let me expand on…

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Every answer to a bad day seems to be focused on what’s ahead…”a new day”. What is it about “a new day” that seems to refresh our soul and give us hope?  It’s pretty simple… it’s the excitement of possibilities, the anticipation of something making us happy enough to forget yesterday. The myriad of promises we let…

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First, let me begin by the classic definition of “Depression”, A miserable feeling… feelings of severe despondency and dejection. Now in English please… personally that doesn’t touch the surface. It’s more like drowning in a pool of black muddy water or “SOMEBODY TURN THE LIGHTS ON”.  How about one better. It’s like one of those…

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