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Men or mice not only does it sound strange not spelling out the true subject in the title. It simply means the characteristics we take on as human beings. In observing the basic personality of our habits and lifestyles, there are two general types. Do you know which one you are?  Let me expand on…

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I’m sitting at my computer ready to write when it hits me over my head…L I F E is a four lettered word.. WHOA what a start not to come off on a negative slant but, to look at it from another perspective. I myself am a life coach in years of coaching I tend…

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Giving Back is a Life Changing Event Ways to Give Back begins with simple everyday moments that can occur in ones life.    We don’t realize how simple kindness can not only transform you but, can give great joy to others. Just by holding a door or simply giving a compliment from the heart of ‘course. We…

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