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Men or mice not only does it sound strange not spelling out the true subject in the title. It simply means the characteristics we take on as human beings. In observing the basic personality of our habits and lifestyles, there are two general types. Do you know which one you are?  Let me expand on…

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Now that marijuana has been “legalized “for medicinal purposes my curiosity started to naw at me…  I tried it in high school at first because of peer pressure, then you’d see it passed around at parties. Lucky I guess it did nothing for me except on occassion make me feel like I fit in. That…

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Supplements seem like everyday household items these days. In fact it has come to be a multi billion dollar market and still growing. There are many kinds of ways to supplement the body and the mind. What about the soul? The soul I will save for last for it is intrinsically related to both the…

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