Our mind or the “conductor” of our masterpiece is not only a complex organ, but a key connection to the outcome of our physical self. We know the mind is a mysteriously powerful component in our bodies. The mind makes you who you are. It gives us power, emotion, thought, compassion and caring. It gives us the gift of imagination and creation.

There are so many factors that effect the mind with its ability to function. Circumstances such as stress, emotions and relationships can also put an added stress and create a reaction to physical and mental challenges.

The mind is like a conductor in an orchestra which directs and creates with the use of each player in concert to create an in sync masterpiece. The human mind conducts how our mind and body and spirit work together. The mind can physically shut down due to stress, depression, shock, trauma, and many other maladies.

The mind in all of its neurological functioning can help us to organize, calculate, analyze to name a few. Each neuron has different functions from under stimulation to over stimulation. Some of which medicine can cure or altar, others it cannot.

There is a frontier of neutriceuticals in which natural supplementation along with various natural practices can also help altar the mind’s health.

Both mainstream and natural practitioners agree through science and history that the most powerful healing occurs during meditation, prayer and yoga to name a few. They can also create a strong immune system and de stress the body through the use of these mind modalities.

Throughout time, masters have sought peace through meditation resulting in a new mindset, healing and miracles. The mind is an integral system to join together body and spirit.