“To share my LOVE of GOD with the World through selfless expression” – JODI RITA

I guess if I had to describe myself in a single word, I would say that at my core is LOVE – that’s my deep psyche. Love, as redundant as it may seem, carries a life purpose of kindness, good will, integrity, positive energy, truth, motivation and enthusiasm. My knowledge of Love is based on my relationship with my “God Experience”. Through my life’s trials and tribulations I have been moved to share my knowledge and wisdom and help others make a transformation in their lives with self empowerment.

Let me share a short version of My Story with you now.

My background is diverse from Art and Culture, to Business and Real Estate, to Spiritual and Psychological. I graduated from the American College of Applied Arts in Atlanta and with a Bachelors of Arts in Design & Business at the American College in London, England.  Soon after, I started a fine lingerie design & production business and started my career as a young entrepreneur living by myself in London. I enjoyed the learning experience of starting my first business. My life took a turn when my father, back in the US, got diagnosed with cancer. I made a hard choice that forever changed my life’s path.  Returning home to Pittsburgh, PA I assisted my father  running his real estate development companies, both in Pennsylvania and Florida.

I aggressively pursued real estate development and was Vice President for Carlton Real Estate as my fathers health declined. With many years of business experience behind me now and helping my father out with his business ventures led me to start Rita Consulting, a business consulting firm helping develop businesses throughout the World.

Unfortunately, my Mother was diagnosed with an aggressive case of Breast Cancer and I devoted a lot of time caring for her as well as my ailing Father, who had just suffered a stroke from the pressures of running his businesses. On top of this I was a single mother raising my son at the same time.

I decided to make a major change in my life and to “Follow my Bliss”! Drawing from my root studies in London and Europe I decided to restore my life as an Artist. I used both my business and spiritual background to create artwork that provided a “Love Basis”, promoting both advocacy and using it as a vehicle to raise monies while providing support in the form of motivational healing to others.

Throughout my career, I was involved in Politics at many levels which led me to create a Political Action Committee for the health and welfare of women.  I studied health and wellness both through supplementation and various healing arts. I have assisted many clients through my affiliations in the wellness community varying from aromatherapy, yoga, iridology, holistic healing, homeopathy, meditation, music… to name a few.

I believe that everything in the universe has its own Divine timing to help us  heal and become whole. Simplicity, in form or natural states, can restore and rebalance our systems. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others as a facilitator, teacher and alchemist to become whole and empower themselves – mind, body and spirit.

So as they say, “when the student is ready the teacher appears”.