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Giving Back is a Life Changing Event

 Ways to Give Back begins with simple everyday moments that can occur in ones life.    We don’t realize how simple kindness can not only transform you but, can give great joy to others. Just by holding a door or simply giving a compliment from the heart of ‘course.

We can begin our days with the glass half empty or full just by adjusting our reality of using our focus to do more and pay attention to others around us.  There are many lonely souls that wander aimlessly hoping to be noticed or even a simple smile can touch some ones heart. There are many life changing events we hear about like, the familiar story of a man or woman for that fact was on his or her way to take their life. Can you imagine having that much impact with a simple smile or kind word. This kind of true change that not, only effects the world but, can change life occurring events. This is transformation in action. 

We must realize that changing ones world is taking tiny steps of compassion, and consistency. We also know that these tiny acts of kindness continue to cycle and make that “Difference”  we want to see in the world and in our own lives…Be kinder,wiser and attentive in your daily living. Give praise when it’s due. Life is full of rituals that remain empty in their own right. However, true intent to give back with a true act of love can and will change the way you live and how others see you. It manifests a sense of duty to anyone watching. This is the beginning to true change in the world. 

Just try one day to do a random act of goodness and feel not only the reaction of them but, the feeling in your own heart that can even make your day better.  All we have to do is act with kindness and love one another. No matter what circumstances, we must forge forward as leaders to change the world and the way we react. Giving back is a true step to not only your life but, simply said,  a gift to humanity. This is what our creator intended and in itself gives power to giving back.

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