What is your personal relationship with the Almighty Creator?

Since the beginning of time man’s relationship with his Creator set the stage for a varied ideology.Let’s begin by getting to understand what your soul’s purpose and existence truly is. The Spirit is the center of cosmic consciousness where an individual realizes its oneness with God and/or the Universe usually influenced by their upbringing, religious affiliations and beliefs.

The Spirit is where we see only the moment’s realization. It’s where reality of an afterlife exists for some of us. It’s where our supernatural powers exist in us and for us. It’s the essence of dreams coming true. All creation starts with mind and spirit then becomes realized into matter.

This is the purest form of life in us. The Spirit can be our master or our slave depending on how we utilize the relationship. It can blossom into an ominous unconditional love that flows within us. It has the capacity to fill our mind and soul with a dreamlike fantasy and creative state that frees the mind of the impossible with a partner who is omnipotent in all things.

The Spirit has the ultimate harmonious benevolence to fill our hearts. Also to create dreams, desires and capabilities unheard of it can be the flame that causes an unquenchable thirst. Throughout time, man’s reach for his Spirit, his God connection, has caused him both to conquer and to perish.