Stacy PrescottWanted to take a moment and share my amazing journey with Jodi Rita!

Jodi and I first met at one of her Beach Vision Workshops.  I was extremely hesitant at first to share my personal issues as I had never done this before.

She has a way of reaching into your Soul and helping you open up and releasing traumas whether they are past, present or future.

Let me share an example (because the list is endless).

Divorce! I’m sure a lot of you can relate.  Jodi connected with me first, then she discovered the underlying commitment issues that I had with my marriage, and she helped me realize that if I let this burden follow me into my future relationships that I would be sabotaging myself.

That was a “lightbulb” moment for me, and this is when I knew Jodi would be a lifelong friend. I am happy to say that I have been Jodi’s client now for 3 plus years.

If you have an opportunity to make Jodi a part of your life, I promise you will never regret it!

Stacy Prescott, RN

” Jodi Rita is a very conscientious individual. She takes time to listen where so many others don’t. ”

ML Mash San Diego, CA
Body Builder, CRNA


“Thanks for giving me the fitness edge I needed Jodi Rita. As you know I am a very driven person, business owner, entrepreneur, combat veteran, twin rated pilot and a softie when it comes to my Church and my pup, Katie the Wonder Dog. Like everyone, I lose motivation and thanks to you my training stays on target. Just over 60, I’m still moving monster weights. You are my fountain of youth! ”

Joe Herndon St. Pete Beach, Fl
Pilot, Combat Veteran


” Jodi’s wisdom and caring inspired me to follow a new career after 3 years of illness. Thanks for the life changing guidance! ”

Lisa DeLeo Pittsburgh, PA
Concierge Specialist


” I have used Jodi Rita’s services on several occasions and will continue to use her as she is extremely knowledgeable about health supplements and wellness. I just celebrated my 90th birthday and feel like I’m in my sixties thanks to her life enhancing wellness philosophies… truly brilliant! ”

Winnie McKinney London England
Flight Steward, Pan Am


” I recently found out I had a health condition that I did not feel comfortable discussing with many people. My best friend knew Jodi personally and suggested that I talk with her and get some friendly advice on some natural products. I was very hesitant, but agreed. After talking with Jodi once, I felt very comfortable and knew I could trust her and talk with her in confidence. She suggested some natural products that I had never heard of before, but ended up being a life saver! Jodi also coached me in a way that made me realize that my condition was just a road block in life that I could overcome and she was right. Thanks for everything! ”

Samantha Martin – PA


” Thank you Jodi your holistic recommendations with my health care has shown positive results.”

Oklahoma City, OK


” Jodi and I have been best friends since we were teenagers. She has shown me that staying healthy and keeping a strong mind you can overcome many of life’s challenges.

I believe Jodi has found her true path in life. Her desire to customize a plan to successfully help others achieve their goals is done with such care, concern and love that overflow into a happier and healthier way of life for so many people, including myself.

Jodi’s artist talents are very diverse. The “heart” abstract painting she did for me is beautiful and represents our life’s friendship!

Jodi thank you for helping me achieve a better way of life in mind & spirit.”

Pittsburgh, PA