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Well, today we have come a long way from a literal format of a strong woman from being physically strong “a brute” to an assertive woman “a bitch” to now in 2020 a host of strong women. Yes, today it’s truly likely the definition in conversations has changed. We have so many strong women as…

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There I was in the middle of a party of friends of ours.  They were celebrating their daughter’s twenty-first birthday.  After making the rounds through all the people in my age group, I suddenly noticed giggling, chattering and dancing. They were so infectious with joy and fun I took a seat and just enjoyed the…

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As a young girl with four brothers I thought I could handle men without any issues. Little did I know growing into an attractive woman would make it twice as difficult.  When we are young we not only try to sail above it all but we try to ignore the inevitable. Today’s headlines of sexual…

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